Why Are Women More Prone to Skin Cancer Before the Age of 50?

Young,Woman,Seeing,Doctor,For,Dermatological,ControlSkin cancer doesn’t affect men and women the same way, and everyone needs to understand the reasons behind the statistics. While men typically develop melanoma after they reach the half-century mark, women are more likely to be diagnosed with the condition before they reach this milestone birthday. We’ll look at why this is and what you can do to take control of the situation.

Skin Cancer: Contributing Factors

Because everyone’s genetics are different, there is no definitive reason behind women developing skin cancer before turning 50. However, potential factors that may be linked to this condition include:

  • UV exposure: It’s more likely that women will tan more often than men. Whether it’s in a salon or outside, excessive exposure to UV rays will raise the likelihood of skin cancer.
  • Hormones: The more hormonal changes a person goes through, the more their skin cells are affected. Because women experience drastic fluctuations, particularly during puberty and pregnancy, it can put them more at risk of skin cancer.
  • Skin type: Thinner skin is more likely to be affected by UV rays. While this factor is not confirmed, there is some research to show that women’s skin may be thinner than men’s.

For women living in Jacksonville Beach, it’s not easy to know that they’re more likely to get skin cancer even before the age of 50. The good news is that there are ways that you can take charge of the situation.

Learn More About Skin Cancer Prevention in Jacksonville Beach, FL

You may not be able to do anything about your genetics (or the hot Florida sun), but you can visit a doctor who can tell you more about how to prevent skin cancer from affecting your life.

Jacksonville Beach Dermatology provides exceptional medical dermatology services to meet all of your needs. Under the guidance of Dr. Jacquelyn Medina, a highly experienced dermatologist in Jacksonville Beach, FL, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare for a range of skin, hair, and nail conditions. Additionally, our services include the detection and treatment of skin cancer.

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